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Default Re: PALIN as Vice President

[left]You completely misunderstood my post BA I am not saying anything of the sort. I ve been on cc for quite some time now and you should realise by now that I am no neocon imperialist apologist, although i dont expect the new posters to know that just yet, however in your case theres no excuse cant you remeber the endless political battles with fellow aussie TB and Draken with me over just such a fact two or three years ago on this very forum, very short memories here on cc.
This group Think Tank - Council on Foreign Relations pulls the strings of both parties in the US on behalf of Novo Ordo secularum and its not the UN either as some rapid libertarian rightwingers like to imagine.[size=3][font=Courier New]
I could pretty much put money on the fact the good folks at the CFR have already decided who will be the next US President. Your elections over the are a circus and completely rigged.
btw UN was created by the US and still does the US bidding so why so many rightwingers like to think it is the locus of world gov I have no idea!.
Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely
Lord Acton.
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