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Default Re: Homeland Security Detects Terrorist Threats by Reading Your Mind

What is with the misleading story titles?

The device doesn't in any way, shape or form read your mind.

That implies IT reads your THOUGHTS.

It is a device that reads body signals.

Yeah, it sounds ridiculous, I mean, who isn't anxious when they're at an airport?

Which, in turn, might cause your body temperature to rise together with other fluctuations.


Just another example of how the government uses UNWITTING humans for experimentation.

Thankfully, this one didn't involve grotesque experimentation, but what were these unwitting humans exposed to?

What does this device project onto your body in order to make its' calculations?

Is it safe?

Why don't they test their own people?

Also interesting is that the reporter was invited to write a story about this testing and knew the exact number of citizens who were used unwittingly and wittingly.
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