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Default Re: Let's talk about Iran

Originally Posted by stompk View Post
Let's talk logic.

If Iran attacked us, what would they attack us with? Their one or two nukes.

The US is prepared for a multiple nuclear launch.

We have been for some time.

So ask yourselves this question

What the heck would we be worried about Iran for?

Unless it was about oil

Don't be duped.
It's the OIL, stupid.

STUPID not directed at you.

Of course THEY'RE not worried about Iran.

They just want to convince the American people that we should be so when Congress votes to invade, we'll think they're protecting us.

Always protecting us from a pre-conceived threat that they formulate, but couldn't PROTECT us on 911 when a REAL threat existed.

Without 911, there would be no war in Iraq and/or Afghanistan; therefore, THEY would not be in control of the oil and poppy fields.
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