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Default Re: writer with strong interest in various conspiracies

Originally Posted by rohrbach View Post
Just joined and looking forward to gathering ideas and opinions. My first novel "Playing the Game" focuses on two disturbing theories; the existence of the suitcase nuke and the alleged terrorist training facility in Eastern Oregon. My second novel which will be released n March 09 is framed around doping scandals in the Tour de France. I am working on a third novel and drawing on my own 25 year history in cyber security, examine elements of the so called New World Order. My book on information security is now out of print and should be released with many updates sometime later this year. Feel free to visit my web site and contact me any time via email. Cheers.

Shawn Rohrbach
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Seems like you're a busy guy Shawn =) Good luck on your books and welcome to the forums.
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