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A WOMAN IS GOING TO DIE UNDER TORTURE, although she has done no harm to anybody.

"They" say she`s in coma, that her self-consciousness has definitely gone but... none of them can prove it and... those who know the best this woman -her family- feels strongly that she is indeed still conscious although unable to express herself.

As would say a lawyer, THERE IS A STRONG DOUBT. When there is a doubt whenever a person has committed a crime or not, this person is allowed to live free by the judge but... Terry Schiavo isn`t, SHE IS DELIBERATELY MURDERED.

Even the worst serial killer isn`t put dead through a WEEKS LASTING TORTURE... at least not in a country pretending itself the most "civilised" but... Terry Schiavo is EXECUTED THROUGH A WEEKS LASTING TORTURE OF THIRST AND STARVATION.

Excerpt from the article : "The same State of Florida that has given its blessing to the slow starvation death of Terri Schiavo has just arrested a rancher in Immokalee, Florida, for starving his cows. According to press reports, his remaining cows were seized and fed by Domestic Animal Services. (The man faces up to FIVE YEARS in prison for animal cruelty.)"

Terry Schiavo is going to lose her life but... all those who are accomplices in her torture and murder are losing their souls forever.

I`m sick.

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