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John McCain's sons both attended an elite Jesuit preparatory school (Brophy Preparatory School). One of them graduated. Edward Reese, the Jesuit who runs Brophy Prep spoke for McCain at the Republican National Convention. McCain's father was a Freemason, and therefore subservient to the Jesuit Order, which controls the Illuminati (Founded in 1776 by Jesuit Adam Weishaupt), which is the 'inner circle' of Freemasonry.
Father Edward Reese - 2008 Republican National Convention
Famous Freemasons
The head of McCain's National Leadership Team is Robert Mosbacher Sr.
is the father of Robert Mosbacher Jr., who was Jesuit-trained at
Georgetown University (The Jesuit training center of Washington DC),
who is involved in projects at the University of St. Thomas, a Roman
Catholic university in Minnesota. Sr.'s grandaughter (and Jr.'s
daughter) Jane is currently studying under the Jesuits at Georgetown
Robert Mosbacher Jr - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
Vision 2005

The finance director of the McCain campaign is Frederic V. Malek, who
was the recipent of a Papal honor.
Archdiocese of Washington -News

According to Eric Jon Phelps, McCain's campaign strategist, Steven
Schmidt, is a Knight of Malta.

John McCain is just another Jesuit puppet.
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