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Default Re: The Emergency Lending Fund. $3000 Gold?

The Joint Forum is a group of technical experts working under the umbrella of the following three international groupings of supervisory bodies: the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision, the International Organization of Securities Commissions and the International Association of Insurance Supervisors.
Mandate of the Joint Forum

A Financial Services
Authority Conference
10th March, 2005
Queen Elizabeth II Conference
Centre, London


In developing the implementation plan, the FSA has consulted widely with regulated
firms in various ways, both informally and formally. In addition, the FSA has been
guided by a High-Level Advisory Group that includes senior representatives from the
industry, HM Treasury and the Bank of England, as well as by five standing groups
comprised of practitioners and other experts. These have focused on: credit risk,
operational risk, capital and groups, credit risk mitigation and securitisation.

Now, just in case you haven't figured it out, I will give you another hint as to who is in charge of the global financial takeover.


London - After more than 50 years on the British throne, Queen Elizabeth II is to buy her own private jet for 7 million pounds (13 million dollars), The Sun newspaper reported Saturday. The queen is expected around Christmas personally to choose the interior design of the jet, which will seat 13 people and be for the exclusive use of the royal family
Report: Britain's Queen Elizabeth II to buy own private jet : UK Entertainment

Now, money doesn't just disappear. So where is all the money in the US disappearing to??

The Isle of Man is one of the world’s leading offshore centres affording investors and depositors significant protection though compensation schemes and tight regulation. As a direct result of its very high standards the Isle of Man is a significant offshore banking jurisdiction.

The majority of the world’s leading banks have an offshore presence in the jurisdiction, therefore those interested in offshore banking in the Isle of Man have a wealth of choice of institution afforded them
Offshore Banking Isle of Man

Who is the head of the Isle of Man?

The title Lord of Mann (Manx: Chiarn Vanninagh) is used on the Isle of Man to refer to Queen Elizabeth II, who is the Island's Lord Proprietor[1][2] and head of state
Lord of Mann - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Now, who is the top freemason??

Queen Elizabeth II is the Patron of the UK Secret Society of Freemasonry.
The UK Royal Family have substantial involvement with it.
Crime at the Top - uk.local.ayrshire | Google Groups

Note how the queen, Elizabeth II, performs the ceremonial opening of the British Parliament? There, in full view, is the head of the Committee of 300."

The truth is there to see: though we may have heard about the "Opium Wars" in high school between China and Britain, few bother to ask what the war was about. The answer is quite surprising: opium (who would've guessed?) More specifically, it was about the "rights" of British opium dealers (backed by the crown, of course) to enter China and peddle their drugs. The Brits won the war. Supposedly we are to believe that this is all part of history, that the ruling class suddenly became morally disgusted by their involvement in drugging the masses, and then dropped out of the business, where it suddenly became run by evil minorities from the Third World who are now a menace to our morally proper society, which is why we need draconian anti-drug laws and a huge prison buildup.

Apparently the huge prison buildup isn't enough, according to some. This explains the supposed huge deep underground base found beneath the Denver International Airport, which has quasi-Masonic murals smeared with bizarre pictures that even David Lynch wouldn't make. The DIA is reputed to be a Masonic project (that, some believe, involves evil Reptilian Aliens) and is the alleged future site of the control center for the nefarious New World Order. Naturally, the New World Order will need it's slave labor camps (a la Auschwitz and Jonestown), and those Masons and Reptilians have apparently found their spot. Sure enough, Liz II has been reported to be buying up a lot of property in Colorado under a pseudonym.
The Konformist - BOTM: October 1997

And they worshipped the dragon which gave power unto the beast: and they worshipped the beast, saying, Who is like unto the beast? who is able to make war with him? Search for a Bible passage in over 35 languages and 50 versions.

The national flag of Wales is called "Y Ddraig Goch" (the Red Dragon).
When the Queen crowned Charles "Prince of Wales" she said this,

That verse also says, "And the dragon gave him his power and his throne and great authority." The dragon is "symbolic" to others, but not to Prince Charles. He has a red dragon on his coat of arms. It comes from the flag of Wales, and it is in his title, Prince of Wales, that Charles is heir-apparent to the throne of Great Britain.

At his coronation, he sat on a chair with a large red dragon emblazoned on it. During the ceremony, his mother said, "This dragon gives you your power, your throne and your authority." His response to her was, "I am now your Leige-man, and worthy of your earthly worship." Leige is an old English word meaning "Lord". "I am now your Lord-man, and worthy of your earthly worship."

By the way, Prince Charles Coat of Arms has another symbol--The Order of the Garter. The Order of the Garter is the parent organization over Free Masonry, world-wide. When a man becomes a 33rd Degree Mason, he swears allegiance to that organization, and thereby to Prince Charles.
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