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Default Re: Blindness - The film

Originally Posted by Emma Smith View Post
Hey justgroovy, well I hate to burst your bubble but I am indeed a woman! Although, I'm not about to prove it to a complete stranger...anyway I do read a lot of conspiracy posts on here but you're right, I haven't posted anything except movie related stuff. My apologies if this is wrong.

As for the "Bohemian Grove" conspiracy, I'm somewhat interested in it but don't really buy it--and yes I have seen Alex Jones' "Dark Secrets: Inside Bohemian Grove." I'm not one to usually write about these things but my view of the Bohemian Grove is that it's simply a stupid fraternity of elitists doing weird, possibly homoerotic things. Alex Jones is an extremist himself. While I find some of his theories interesting, I disagree with his view of the Bohemian Grove.

If you watch Jon Ronson's documentary, Secret Rulers of the World, Ronson (whom I trust way, way more than Alex Jones) he talks about how the cult is basically just immature and weird. It's just a bunch world leaders spending their summer vacations together doing weird rituals and stuff. Unlike Jones, Ronson doesn't hype up the Satanism, (which I agree with). He basically thinks it was nothing more than a silly fraternity thing.

I think this is one of those conspiracy theories that has gotten out of hand. I'll take any UFO theory over this crap anyday.
Yay a conspiracy related post from Emma!
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