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Draken, i've just finished the web format book on the subject. I'm spitting. A disgrace.

Available here from the truth seeker David Irvings site. I donated to his legal fund and got a lovely letter of thanks.

The book is free in pDF format.

I will be buying it.

He details the leadups to the Dresden raid on Hamburg and several other cities as bomber command refined their fire storm technique.

No wonder the Germans got more brutal after 1943. They were watching the killing of innocent civilians in their own backyard.

Thousands asphyxiated. Men, women, children, infants. Many charred beyond recognition.

All this culminated in over 150,000 dead in one night in Dresden in early 1945.

Many were prisoners of war, Russian, Allied and forced laborers who state they were treated kindly by the Dresdeners.

Two wrongs do NOT make a right.
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