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Talking Re: An open letter to Fra_nothing, and a poll of sorts

Originally Posted by Insight View Post
First off, I have to say how disgusted I am with you, fra_nothing. You're wasting all of our time pretending you know anything about what goes on in this world. You spread fanciful and meaningless doctrine that appears to come straight out of thin air. You throw around terms as if they were candy, make stuff up, and attack people. That's how children act on the internet. Now, perhaps you are just here because you have no life and like to get a rise out of folks. Or, perhaps you are a child. However, what this community does not need, is a person who acts in the way you do.

Now, I am still fairly new to these forums, but not to the subject matter. I think everyone here understands how serious these topics are. In any case, even though I have no say to how this site is run, I am hereby starting a petition to have your IP banned from these forums.

I, user name "Insight", add my name as the first on the petition.

Regardless of if this goes anywhere at all, I have made my point. Please, fra_nothing, cease insulting our intellegence.
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