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True, I'm glad you follow things up. This is just one of many crimes against humanity committed by the West the last century.

With more and more genuine information coming up to the surface proving Allied atrocities were covered up in direct proportion to more and more cases of exaggerated Nazi war crimes and even innocence of war crimes alleged by the West, I seriously believe we need to rethink our position taken en masse toward the Germans in general and the Nazis in particular during these times and actually ask ourselves what force, what hidden power was behind the events and what result those powers wanted. <a href="">Freedman's warning</a> is a good place to start.

We've been fed so many lies about this last century, no one really seems to remember what the truth is. And of course the murderers are trying desperately to cover their tracks, blaming their own crimes on others, faking documents, testimonies etc.
See my <a href=" &forum=17">Communism thread</a> for more details and this link to <a href="">Michael A. Hoffman's article</a> on these issues.
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