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Exclamation Re: Disinformation agents: Alex Jones and Jeff Rense

Originally Posted by Peter View Post
There is lots of good info on this site. Jews are indeed at the core of the NWO conspiracy, but its not just jews. The Rothschilds are the leaders of pack and they are jewish. This does not mean that they care about jewish people. See what they did in ww2. They killed an untold number of their own. Hitler also was part jewish. Conclusion: the illuminist jews really do not care about being jewish or not. Jewishness is irrelvant to them and to the New World Order conspiracy. So stop blaming only the jews and go to the next level. Blaming only the jews is very beneficial for them by the way. Thanks for furthering their agenda.
I think if you look at what they are doing in Plestine for decades now, it makes you wonder if there really was any Holocaust because how can anyone who has experienced such struggle for survival do something even worse to others.
Occupying a country, demolishing thousands of homes and building illegal (entirely Jewish) setlements on their land, terrorising its people by illegal arrests, torture, even shooting their children not mentioning the checkpoints and how many people had to die in the ambulance just trying to get through one of them. And this is not done by only few rich Jews but by ordinary ones.
It definitely makes you think!
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