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Default Re: The Catholic Church and Pedophilia

My son was baptised by Father Bert... a true man of the catholic Church. Father Bert, as he said so often was, "always in shit with the bishop".

Father Bert was of the opinion that he was a man and as a man he had normal desires to take a wife. He also questioned the bishop as to how he could advise his flock on marriage when he had no experience of it whatsoever.

Father Bert also clearly stated that half the clergy was gay and the other half were at it anyway, so why the pretense?

The Church was not happy with father Bert and his open-minded opinions that he expressed in public and within the church so they sent him to minister to Myra Hinley in jail, a well known English paedophile that was never to be released. They used him and his sincerity to plea to the public for a second chance for her freedom as within his Christianity, everyone can change... he was foolhardy to believe you can change a nonse - paedophile.

Regardless, after they used him, he went on a holiday to Ireland where he was the victim of a 'terrorist attack'. The old girl at the church he once led told me that the t.v. he was watching imploded and the resulting gas leak was what killed him.

The Catholic Church as well as many government and private institutions is like a dead fish and rotten from its head on down.

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