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It was neither a revolt or aiding and abetting in an economic collapse.

As we knew would be the case, the bill has been gift wrapped with incentives in order to try to get it through the House and make the American people feel as though we're receiving a present in exchange for the 700 billion dollars that our CONGRESS is going to give to the very people who have caused this economic crisis.

It is a bail-out, but Congress isn't bailing the American people out of anything.

They're bailing out the banking houses.

The banking houses and financial institutions that are owned by the Fed.

As I said, the very people who caused this crisis.

Senate to force House's hand on bailout - Yahoo! News


Phone calls were made, but, as I've repeated over and over and over again.

Congress does not work for the people.

They work for the Banksters and the Banksters are thieves who rob the American people blind.

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