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Exclamation God controls death.

Well, He does.

And THATS why we should fear Him, and love Him. We are truly in God's hands.

Maybe literally. Maybe we are the ointment in Gods hands. All I know is,

He can take away death.

Death can be a relief from pain and suffering. Death can also be early, and cruel. I don't pretend to know how exactly one is led to death, but I do know that it has something to do with how you live, as close to the commandments as possible, yes still be human, and be able to make mistakes, and learn from them.

It has taken nearly 7777 years to get to this point. EVERYONE in this time is lucky. Lucky we only have to experience separation from God for a short time, athough it will seem like eternal, if we so choose that path.

Death can also be a wonderful thing. I have seen the throne, and it is magnificent, and felt the love and peace.

I have listened to examples of Hell, that I believe to be real encounters, but who know really what it's like to be separated from God, and not be able to die, ever.

So, hopefully I've got your attention.

Now, let's talk about what is coming.

It's like a train, and we are standing on the tracks, and we won't even know what hit us.

It will be supernatural, and real at the same time. Leather winged creatures with razor claws.

Vultures of all sorts. Spiders, spiders and more spiders. And that's only what I know about.


Because we fucked up. We laugh at God, mocking Him. Hell, there's even a new movie out, Bill Maher, mocking people's belief in him.

What did God say in His story, the bible. Get it. His-story. History.

He said, love me.

Cause I made you like me, I get jealous too.

And angry.

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