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Default Re: Fritz Springmeier, Illuminati?

Originally Posted by Out of the Box View Post
I personaly find it hard to appreciate Christian conspirary theorists like Fritz Springmeier and Texe Marrs because they mix a lot of Christian mumbo-jumbo and a lot of hard to prove assumptions with their facts. Still, Springmeier doesn't seem like the kind of person to rob banks and his incarceration in 2003 for a bankrobbery during the '90s definitely smells like an attempt to silence and destroy the man for speaking out.... which makes me interested in re-evaluating his work
agreed people should stop considering this as a christian vs illuminatti thing its iluminati vs the rest of us period. I've read a lil bit of his book online and he seemed to be talking a lot about the devils seed how the merovingan family was evolved from that and I am like uhh whateva.

However I think it was great he mentioned the thirtheen bloodlines by name.

By the way what makes you think he is in prison and not relaxing somewhere in the carribean??? I mean we are conspiracy therorits after all just because he supposedly went to jail doesn't nesecarly mean he is on our side. Possibilities are endless when speculating.
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