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Default Re: Fritz Springmeier, Illuminati?

Originally Posted by makaveli View Post
agreed people should stop considering this as a christian vs illuminatti thing its iluminati vs the rest of us period. I've read a lil bit of his book online and he seemed to be talking a lot about the devils seed how the merovingan family was evolved from that and I am like uhh whateva.

However I think it was great he mentioned the thirtheen bloodlines by name.

By the way what makes you think he is in prison and not relaxing somewhere in the carribean??? I mean we are conspiracy therorits after all just because he supposedly went to jail doesn't nesecarly mean he is on our side. Possibilities are endless when speculating.
Now, that's something to ponder.

Let us speculate further.

If he wasn't FRAMED for a bank robbery and this is disinformation, and instead taken out of circulation, what would be the purpose?

Being framed is a "scare tactic" that they use on those who are incarcerated amongst them in the event they escape and decide to speak out against them.

If he was merely taken out of circulation and is not serving time in jail, it could be that they wanted to send a message to certain people who have VITAL information about them using this "scare tactic" as a measure to silence, neutralize and contain them.

If he is an accomplice to this ploy, than he certainly is not one of us, but one of them.

I can't tell you how many times this threat was thrust on me.

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