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Default Re: Dinosaur Hoax - Dinosaurs Never Existed!

Alltough you do bring up some good points I seriously doubt that dinosaurs are hoax. I could rather believe that aliens are completely hoaxed becauses that is just sipmly stupid in my opinion when you think logicaly all alien stories don't make sense.

Anyway I recommend you to read michael cremo's work he has overwhelming evidence that human being have been around here for millions of years since the dawn of history and that the scientific community is basicaly covering this up to promote their stupid evoltion theory. Evolutions therory now thats a hoax just do research and you will realize how incredibly stupid it is and it makes you wander why so many people believe in it.

Michael cremo also found evidence that we have been around dinosaurs there are so much evidence for that but whenever someone presents it he ends being fired banned from his university and is carreer is completly destroyed. Dinosaurs aren't a hoax. The fact our civilized culture is only 5000 years old now thats a hoax.
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