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Default Disney manipulation

Of course most you people here already know that lots of walt disney pictures contain sexual stimulative promotion. The girls are always skinny have big breast and like in aladin she uses her body to get what she wants and that is how lil girls these days are being manipulated in doing the same thing. Of course we already know about the countless of sex words writting cleverly in the lionking. Probably the most shocking for me was when this other lion tell Simba: I tough you where brave.....
And Simba look dissapointed in a direction of a stone who looks like an erected penis. With other words we are learned that we are only brave men if we are engaging is sexual activities. Weird shit.

Anyway my question was what is the effect of these things? They say that if effects you on an unawere level and your brain learns from that and thats how your mentality is formed. I was wondering if someone knows some articles which get in to this how much effect it has on your brain.

Could someone help me out??

F U C K D I S N E Y ! ! !

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