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Default Re: Jordan Maxwell Exposed

yeah I used to respect him and like him but even wen I did I was always suspicious cause some of his stuff was just weird. I don't know if people saw the 3 hour speach of him about how religion his bs with the other guy called antony. Altough he presented lots of facts they weren't that convincing that religion is fake. Yet his final arguements why religion is fake which were convincing I later figured out that they were bullshit. It seems he has an agenda on his own. Weird shit.
I espessialy hate how he and the zeitgeist have the need to destroy religion and start to make all sort of connection to hinduism which is completley crap.
Jordan Maxwell said that the hindu Ohm is a sun god. Not truth do your research.
He sais that the god Rham is known for impragneting the earth with his rain. Not truth do your research.
In zeitgesit they say Krisinha was born virgin. His mother head I think 7 children before him with all do respect she is the excact oppisite of a virgin.

Judaism, christianity and islam or in the same cathogory.
Hindusim budhism sikkism jainism are completly different and have absolutly nothing to do with the 3 main world religions. It is obvious to me they try to make a bridge to other hinduism to expose all religion as fake.
And even lots of stuff Jordan talks about Judaism and Christianity is not truth.

This is the perfect strategy: show the uninformed stupid truthseekers some new stuff (symbolism etc) and they become interested and see you as an authority and then you can start talkin disinformation cause most people are to lazy of are not capable of doing good research.

"Somobody better doesn his homework...."
Yeah rite he doesn't want you to do your homework at all.
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