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Default Re: Fighting the NWO is a SPIRITUAL war

UHmmmm I think we have to look realistic at the situation with the illuminati. They don't controll every aspect of society cause that would require a huge organisation that wouldn't be so secret anymore. Rather they are a small group guiding the top of society who said an example for the rest.
So in my opinion concerning the music industry: most of people of just normal people seleceted because they look good or fit a certain image and have know clue what they are about.
The people who are involved in my opinion: elvis, beatles, michael jackson and madonna. Their fame and succes seem to be artificially created in my opinion.

In rap industy: P diddy, Jay-z and Nas.
Thats why eazy E and tupac where killed. It was a new genre and they didn't controll that genre so they needed to get rid of the old pioneers and install new. One of eazy's disciples layzie bone (bone thugs and harmony) even reported several times that he suspects eazy's doctor to give him a flue shot which containted aids. The man was killed. Tupac last album was killuminati. When younger writing his lyrics he wrote the eye of the illuminati of the i. Trust me I researched this guy he was just a big conspiracy nut as we are. Also killed. Replaced with nas and jay-z. You should definitly do some research intro rap music and how the illuminati is involved in it and have transformed a creative music genre in one of the most destructive violent sexworshipping tools of abbolitions excisting today.

And if praying is your solution that go ahead we see if your prays will stop them.

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