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Default Re: $367 bil per day borrowed by banks.

Originally Posted by stompk View Post
Banks have been borrowing $367 billion per day from the Federal Reserve.

Banks borrow record $367.8 bln per day from Fed | Markets | Markets News | Reuters

I hope the public reads this and realized how badly we are being duped...

Every two days, the $700 billion bailout is being lent to banks, yet being kept quiet in mainstream media. Where does the damned Federal Reserve get this money.

5 days of lending at this rate is nearly 2 trillion dollars a week!
Yet the credit industry is frozen?

Do they think we are stupid??
If the FED is lending and/or giving money to their banks, why are you concerned?

How does it affect you?

Who said the credit industry is frozen?

What you posted doesn't make any sense.

The 700 billion dollar bail-out hasn't even been passed yet, but you're saying it's already being dispersed to the banks and has been for the past week or so.
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