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Default secret plans for india wtf????

I was reading this book of how wall street basicaly financed communism in russia and damn that is some stinking shit.
Any way during this I came across a point that basicaly made me wonder a lot. Lenin had certain terms to participate in the revolution. Point number 7 outlined term by Lenin was to allow him to move russian troops to india. WHY??? I don't get it why specifally India?? I just completly can't figure it out why Lenin wanted to move his troops to India.

Any good ideas someone?? Whas there a different plan or something wich they never went true with??? It seems to me that they originaly wanted russia to play a different role in the world??

Also was Stalin a part of the illuminati??? Altough I hear lots of rumors that he was I seriously doubt that since they financed trotsky from day one and he even got married or was about to get married to one of the rothschilds seems to be stalin outsmarted the illuminati rite there lol and perhaps didn't went truth with the original plan for russia to conquer asia or something.

ANy toughts????

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