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I am a VERY amature WW2 buff.

It is plain to see that the entire history of WW2 is almost a complete lie. I really dont know what to believe anymore.

The British Elite are the ABSOLOUTE scum of the earth for what they did. Churchill will get his from history. An ABSOLOUTE ruthless, murdering arsehole.

He is quoted in the book as saying the long columns of refugee's flowing from the East should be bombed as their could be troop movements in their.

When corrected that this was doubtful he alluded that...[paraphrasing] "We've killed 5-6 million Germans already, probably another 1 million will die before it's over. It will make it easier feeding them after the war".

This was early 1945.

Anyone who reads the book will be deeply moved.

On another point. I small raid of Liberators dropped a few bombs on Dresden in late 44. 146 people died. Alot of children. 1 British POW was killed. (It might be added that they had the walk of the town).

That British POW was given a full military honours funeral with a German and British honour gaurd. Those EVIL Germans!
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