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Arrow Operation Black Demon. Airforce Spreading The Word.

In a stealthy move, the military is mobilizing.

If you have ever been in the military, you will
recognize that this is the beginning of Martial

The Air Force Personnel Center Commander, Maj. Gen. K.C. McClain, will kick off an Air Force-wide "Spread the Word" briefing tour at Oct. 7 and 8 at Hickam Air Force Base, Hawaii.

"AFPC is evolving to provide personnel services in new formats through new programs, and we want to communicate these changes in the field--so, we're coming to you," General McClain said.
AFPC Spread the Word team launches global tour

Specific topics covered in the Spread the Word briefings will include, among others, 365-day deployment options, the Global Air and Space Expeditionary Force tempo-banding deployment system, civilian hiring procedures, and assignment changes.
So, what is going on? I found this

More than 500 Air Force members in network operations security centers and network control centers from 16 bases throughout the Air Force's nine major commands completed a two-week global network defense exercise called Black Demon, March 25.
AFIWC concludes Black Demon exercise | Spokesman Magazine | Find Articles at BNET

Black Demon?? Nice name.

The white cell sends out scenarios such as reconnaissance activities, denials of service and loss of critical network defense components to the red cell--the aggressors; they, in turn, use those methods to attack the blue players--the network defenders. The black cell functions as the observation cell and members from that cell record the network defender's reaction to network attacks and report their findings to the white cell.
Cells? Like terrorist cells??

US Air Force: AFD-070129-211

The 81st Training Wing oversees the technical training for officers, airmen and civilians of the U.S. Air Force, Air National Guard and other Department of Defense agencies. The training covers numerous electronic, avionics, computer, personnel and information management career fields
81st Training Wing [81st TRW]

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