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Default Re: secret plans for india wtf????

Thoughts eh!! Nothing happens without a reason right?? If you don't think Stalin was part of the Illuminati, then why did he purge his army of all his experienced Officers 2 years before the breakout of WW2? Especially as Hitler had embarked on huge build up of military might. He pretty much weakened himself to the point of almost inviting the Germans to invade and when Stalin was informed of a huge German build up on the Polish/Russian border he sat back and did nothing. Come on, when you start to unravel who was and is behind the New World Order plot and see that most or all world leaders are members of the same Boys club and are responsible for financing these things, you realise and admit to yourself that we are just pawns to be expended as part of their greedy game. Russia, Iran, China, the US, Britain and the EU are busy playing their final game of world Domination as we speak, it's only a matter of time before the last pieces are forced into play. Will you be ready??

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