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Default Aspartame Destroys Brain Learning Areas

If you wonder why so many children have ADD, it's because aspartame destroys the brain - especially in the area of learning. This is a study from Norway in 2001.


Introduction: Aspartame (ASM) is a product that was originally made for diabetics, but today ASM is widely used by healthy people as artificial sweetener in many food products.

Purpose: The main goal with this research was to see whether ASM was harmful to brain cells (cerebellar granule cells). We wanted to check if the damage to the neurons are connected to the N-methyl-D-aspartate (NMDA)-receptors on these cells. Procedure: Brain cells from 7 day old mice were used. They were cultured in 24 well dishes and different quantities of ASM were added. After 7 days the cultures were analysed by two different tests: Lactate dehydrogenases (LDH) test, which gives a picture of cell death (LDH leakage to the medium in which the cells were cultured). 3My own conclusion is that we've seen a huge epidemic of people getting sick, cancer, MS, Alzheimer's disease, autism, etc. etc. The connection between all of these things and the pharmaceutical industry is the fact that what they're sick and dying from is coming from man-made chemical concoctions. We need to stop putting these poisons into our bodies in any form--gm food, pills, injections, etc. Stop the insanity!!
Big Surprise--Aspartame Destroys Brain Learning Areas

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