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Default Re: Super Rich Hide Trillions In Offshore Accounts

Yep, it all boils down to the money.

Since in the UK's case the richest includes the Rothschilds, and we all know how much power that mob wields surreptitiously, it's hardly surprising the tax laws would be set up to allow them and their cronies to minimise their tax bill, while your average schmo has to pay through the neck for a system that doesn't come close to working. Same in just about every country.

Here in Japan, I guess I'm relatively lucky. My income tax is only around 6-7%, though city taxes can be a bit steep, plus the 5% consumption tax. Then there's the national pension plan that look like it'll go bust in the next 20 years unless young people start paying into it, which they are generally not doing. I'm not staying here forever, so I'm not paying it either.

Just glad I'm not in Oz at the moment getting slugged by the taxman. Wouldn't be so bad if so much wasn't wasted.

BTW, Truebeliever, what's the interest rate for buying land at the moment?
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