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Default Re: Super Rich Hide Trillions In Offshore Accounts

As high as 7% and as low as 6% depending on your terms.

Better get in quick...within 2 years it's gunna areas that is.

How is Nippon?

Taxes here are such a joke. Costello found 10 billion just lying around. They want to make it hard. Push people.

The eventual goal is to make Oz's economic system as ruthless as the U.S's.

They will fail. Once it starts to bight I'm confident my sport loving, beer swilling, beach dwelling bretheren will be up in arms.

No love of the state here.

Did you know they're introducing GPS tracked multirider cards here? You can track yourself or a loved one on the web in real time. WONDERFUL! They're selling at as great to keep tabs on your kids.

Now watch all the kids swap their cards with each other.

I've been finding it hard to get people angry on this subject. If they upped the tax the beer the government would be overthrown in a Coup d'ta in approximately 5-10 minutes.
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