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Default Re: Operation Black Demon. Airforce Spreading The Word.

If the US authorities cannot resolve the crisis with financial, monetary and economic measures, and increasing internal social violence and political insecurity were to affect the US and its key allies, then the crisis will go into geopolitical and military mode. If an extended banking holiday is forced upon the Bush administration, freezing banking accounts, deposits, ATM machines (just like the "Corralito" - i.e., the "baby play pen" - that Argentina suffered starting 1st December 2001 generating unimaginable hardship to our country), this may later lead to trying to resolve the problem on a the international geopolitical stage by "kicking the chessboard".
Will the Crisis Bring Down the Global Financial System? Go Get Your Dollars Out Now! FAST!!!

Go ahead and defend your beloved military, Blue Angel.

They are no longer concerned about protecting the citizens, but protecting themselves.

Developing and caring for our Airmen is one of the Air Force's top priorities
AFPC Spread the Word team launches global tour
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