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Default Re: secret plans for india wtf????

Originally Posted by theonewillcome View Post
Thoughts eh!! Nothing happens without a reason right?? If you don't think Stalin was part of the Illuminati, then why did he purge his army of all his experienced Officers 2 years before the breakout of WW2? Especially as Hitler had embarked on huge build up of military might. He pretty much weakened himself to the point of almost inviting the Germans to invade and when Stalin was informed of a huge German build up on the Polish/Russian border he sat back and did nothing. Come on, when you start to unravel who was and is behind the New World Order plot and see that most or all world leaders are members of the same Boys club and are responsible for financing these things, you realise and admit to yourself that we are just pawns to be expended as part of their greedy game. Russia, Iran, China, the US, Britain and the EU are busy playing their final game of world Domination as we speak, it's only a matter of time before the last pieces are forced into play. Will you be ready??
Man please go fuck yourselve with your religious stuff I don't need to admit anything to myselve I rite now investigating the first world war and communism and haven't reached to stalin yet but from what I can make clear stalin wasn't a part and thats just based on what I have read so far. I may change my opinion in the future. This is based on the fact that stalin mass murdered his own government over and over again (which he wouldn't have to do if the iluminati had a tide grip on the government) which lead me to think that he was paranoia on the nwo order people and he knew. Also why would he say hitler escaped germany what was that miscommunication between rotschild and stalin he messed up?? DOn't think so. And also why did they ban trosky who was first in line after stalin was heavily financed by brittish fabians and who was about to be married (or was already married forgot) to one of the rothschild??? Again this is just my opinion after my research with still continues so I may change my opinion.

Now next time please don't act likeyou are my master and just aswer to whats related to the question. I was wandering why lenin would name india???

Again anyone any toughts?
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