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Default Re: Super Rich Hide Trillions In Offshore Accounts

Nippon's pretty good, thanks. Interest rates are about 2-3% percent, and we can borrow through the NAB or ANZ at those rates to buy approved properties in OZ, but I still need to save up more cash...

What are those GPS multirider things you're talking about? Sounds like the RFID tags some schools are giving kids here to prevent terrorists or kidnappers some such bullshite. Same goes here for promoting some false sense of security. Some actual thinkers have decided on a real solution though: actually have PARENTS LOOK AFTER THEIR KIDS PROPERLY! Such commonsense doesn't always strike a chord here though, where gizmos are considered solutions to everything.

I can't imagine the Japanese getting up in arms about anything really, possibly excluding cigarette price hikes or a shortage of green tea.
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