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Default Re: Operation Black Demon. Airforce Spreading The Word.

Originally Posted by stompk View Post
Will the Crisis Bring Down the Global Financial System? Go Get Your Dollars Out Now! FAST!!!

Go ahead and defend your beloved military, Blue Angel.

They are no longer concerned about protecting the citizens, but protecting themselves.

AFPC Spread the Word team launches global tour
I am not defending the military and they certainly are not MY BELOVED military.

I am questioning YOUR warningS about Martial Law and where the information is coming from.

If you interpret that as defending the military, you are way out of line.

You are making SERIOUS allegations that our country will soon be under Martial Law. I, for one, do not take this lightly and have the RIGHT to ask you to inform us as to how you would know this.

Are you passing along information you've read somewhere on the internet or do you have access to "inside information?"

Are you in the military?

If not, then how do you know what they are planning?

Please inform us.

You certainly know not of what you speak to insinuate that I am defending the military.
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