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Default Re: Aspartame Destroys Brain Learning Areas

I googled Betty Martini, the person JustGroovy said she has the pleasure of interviewing when she hosted a website.

The product Stevia was spoken about.

But, they were in the know about this product, if you know what I mean.

I shop at a health food store and have never seen Stevia nor have I ever heard it mentioned ANYWHERE.


Hound me, why don't cha?

I'll check out the game.

I'm reluctant cause I do have a propensity wherein once I become engaged by another entity that wants to win, I don't quit until I do.

It's time consuming, but well worth the outcome in some cases and, at this point, my time has been very well spent.

You know, husband, children, house, dog, personal life, and that double life.


I'm exhausted.

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