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Default Re: rotschild family vs the royal famalies

Originally Posted by theonewillcome View Post
Nope, sorry, the jesuits pull the strings as all these bankers etc etc are religious, just not the right religion and follow orders from the jesuits, who like them are in cahoots with Satan.

Go and look you will find photo's of nearly every Royal and head of state meeting the Pope. They wear black and he wears white like the freemasonic black and white tiles indicating light and darkness.

Ultimately they are all Satanists who follow the doctrines of Lucifer the lightbringer, who seduces them with power, knowledge and false hope that he is the real God and will reward them.

They should stick to reading the Bible as i know who wins and it's certainly not Lucifer.
Nope. Sorry, you're wrong.

The Pope is the Pope is the Pope.

They use religion to divide and conquer and they use the POPE.

Who cares what they wear.

AS if that designates anything.

The BANKSTERs pull the strings, pal.

Not some old man wearing a white Robe.

The Banksters have control of the money and world's natural resources.

Not some old man wearing a white Robe.
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