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Default Re: rotschild family vs the royal famalies

Originally Posted by makaveli View Post
wow relax man I don't believe that the pope rulez everything I was just trying to say that on the subject of new world order there are so many contradicting evidence so I keep an open mind but at the end of the day in my opinion the signs that show the royal family and the banksters are the leaders are the strongest signs.

But again this guy starts to frustrate me a bit cause I he constantly changes the subject. Just on the subject of the royals and the banksters: who are superior??? I'd like to know if someone has some articles that somehow can give us a better look on their relationship. Anything will do fine I guess just as I can get a better look in their relationship.

So please let's just discuss this anyone any information???
Sorry 'bout that.

Sometimes I can be very stern when trying to make a point.


Many times, people don't seem to want to stay on point.

Frustrating, indeed.

Who are The Royals?

British Royal Family - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The British Royal Family are subservient to the Banksters.

WE are all controlled by them whether we like it or not.

Rockefeller family - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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