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Default Re: Hal Turner Shows New AMERO Currency

How are these coins that are being minted in Denver a secret?

Hal Turner is showing them and RedRat, a poster on this forum, has already done so, months ago.

Trust me, what they want to KEEP SECRET is KEPT SECRET.

Ask yourself this.

How and why are there so many people on the internet who are in possession of an abundance of seemingly SECRET information about what our government is planning and doing?

How do they obtain this SECRET information?

Does Hal Turner have a RAT inside the Denver mint?

Ya think maybe the controllers spoon feed this not so secret information to people like Hal Turner who post it on their site; readers pick it up and post it on other sites throughout the net?

Can you explain the implications of the AMERO currency for us?

Is this something we should be worried about or is it merely a distraction?

Afterall, if they want YOU to be distracted, they release that which is not a secret to their agents and their agents act as if they are in possession of highly classified and sensitive material. Something that will impact our society.

Many times, particularly on this site, posters go from conspiracy forum to conspiracy forum, etc., picking up links and posting them here with headlines that DO NOT FIT the information contained within the articles.

It's like they are in such a suggestible state of mind, they believe every headline they see on these forums without reading the document.

It's called MIND CONTROL!


Disinformation agents themselves helping to spread propaganda.

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