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Default Re: Hal Turner Shows New AMERO Currency

another thing why they simply don't care about this their plan being exposed I think are these internetsites. If this will happen and there will be martial law its complete dictatorship and everyone commented on these sites and heavily supporting guys like ron paul etc will all be deported don;t ya think?
That could be a great reason for why they have been exposing themselves ever since 911 with guys like alex jones david icke zeitgeist etc etc they want to expose them selves so everyone who knows will either sign up on internetsites discussing it or get active in organisations they basicaly gathering all their enemies on sites and orginasations and when the time comes they'll strike and murder us all. Lol not excactly optimistic but it sounds like a good plan rite??? I mean if I was illuminati I would definitly implement this plan else they would have probably done 911 in a different way without all the clues for conspiricy guys.
This also explains all these documentaries can be debunked to a certain degree and why they never offer a good solution. I mean come on infinite love of estoric agenda?? You kidding me. We just need to show love for the rothschilds and then the world will change??? Everything has to be peacefull? So let me get this straight they want to massmurder us and enslave us all rob us of our money and we are only allowed to act back PEACEFULLY????????????????????????????
Don't get me wrong I';m not a man of violence but everywhere I go it seems its all about peacefull solutions like spreading the word and what else. We know damn well that spreading the word will never help we could spread the word for ages and still things will be the same.

In my opinion ever since 911 they have agents searching the internet making a lists of everyone who will be a potentional danger and then get rid of them all during martial law. I think this has been going on for a while now they expose themselves to certain people (perhraps fritz springmeier) but they give him distorted information and then get most oblivious stupid conpiricay guys exposing themselves cause they need to communicate with eachother in order to understand the situation and those places of communication they simply use for their list of potentional enemies. Of course very speculative but it sounds like a nice plan to me.
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