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Default Re: Site Disruptors: How Will We Deal With Them?

And now we play God... deciding who gets a voice and who doesn't. Isn't that the whole problem? People are starting to "own" their threads. What is that all about? I agree, people can say nasty things and I am sure ol' henry has his finger on the switch, if he wants to pull the plug. Let it be his choice. It is his site. We are all adults here; we can ignore a problem and surely we can face a challenge.

There will always be disruptors in life and I guess we're all looking for this utopia thing, even in cyberspace.

I wanted to add my 2 cents to a thread and was misunderstood all the way and greeted with hostility. That's life. I am unwelcome by the owner of the thread. If I want to engage I will, I choose not to.

Mary XXX
things are becoming murky around here...
there is definitely something brewin' in the kitchen... maybe it's the truth through all this lively debate?
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