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Default Re: Hal Turner Shows New AMERO Currency

Originally Posted by theonewillcome View Post
Good point Blue Angel, however i believe Bush made a pact with Canada and Mexico in regards to moving troops around N America to anywhere that presents a threat!! As far as i'm lead to believe this was done without the publics awareness. Or could this be just another distraction of which you are referring to??
You believe this is the case or you know for a fact this is the case?

And, if you believe this is the case, why is it that you believe this?

Did you read it somewhere on the internet?

Most everything THEY do is done without public awareness and even if we are aware, then what?

You gonna stop them?

They release so many distractions, it's incredible and people who follow them are even more incredible.

It's not really about the symbols in Washington and Israel and every where else they can be found that suggest they are all a part of the good ole' boy's club; the Illuminati, what have you.

It's about starting wars for their own agenda based on lies.

It's about MIND CONTROL programs and the children they abuse within.

It's about the drugs that the CIA distributes in our country and elsewhere.

It's about the CIA and Mafia's participation in child pornography.

It's about LIES!

It's about arming and training terrorists to act against the US.

It's about so much more than following the little clues they release to the public so that people like ourselves, conspiracy theorists will waste our time trying to put together a zillion piece jigsaw puzzle instead of understanding and revealing to others the corrupt nature of our government.

They create mysteries around themselves so people will spend their time (waste their time) trying to figure out what the hell a symbol on this or a symbol on that means when the fact of the matter is that they are corrupt and their actions define this.

Not some symbol on an Amero currency.


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