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Default Re: Super Rich Hide Trillions In Offshore Accounts

Thanks psholtz.
Just typed up their arrest warrants. Do we get a Club Conspiracy prize for their scalps? :-D

TB, that system is similar to the Suica and Icoca systems that are up and running with Japan Railways in Tokyo and Osaka. You can even buy small stuff with them. Isn't that just the shit? The private line near my place is running an ad blitz with their Pitapa system which also uses RFID cards and you can tie it in with your credit card too. I'm so excited! Pitapa is a post-pay system, which I think means they charge it to your credit card. I might be wrong though. Either way, the system sucks. But they're making it lok trendy, especially amongst young chicks, so I expect it to grow pretty quickly. (this a pdf link. scroll down to p. 13 for their IC card stuff.
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