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Default Re: This site needs to go viral: All Need to Know Info!

The following is from your site:

"I worked under the direction of a reptilian, Draco [at Montauk]. The name "Draco" is actually the name of the star system. It is the whole area of the reptilian races. The reptilians were heavily involved in the Montauk project. At Montauk there was a very tall winged reptilian. He was very, very powerful. The reptilians are tired of living hidden lives and they are very anxious to become public once more as they have been in the past. In order to do that they are literally blitzing the media with reptilian like programmes and shows, especially for children, and they are preparing adults through electromagnetic transmissions for the public appearance of reptilians. One of their biggest weaknesses is that they are not very spiritually minded - they don't have a lot of psychic ability - and they rely a lot on technology and controlling others with technology. The biggest threat to them is people having control of their own minds."- Stewart Swerdlow, a participant in the Montauk Project, referring to the Draco, Reptilians.



Do you actually believe this?


How in the world are reptilians preparing humans for their appearance on Earth through the use of electromagnetic transmissions?
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