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Originally Posted by makaveli View Post
No disrespect to those who belief in UFO's just simply stating my opinion.

I don't think there are any UFO's at all visiting this planet.

If you think of our enormous Sun as a grain of sand then
(a) the orbit of the Earth is 2.5 cm (1 inch) in radius.
(b) our Solar System is the size of a beach ball. (Almost all our unmanned probes stay within this space).
(c) the nearest star is another grain(s) of sand over 6 km (4 miles) away. Compare that with the radius of the orbit of the Earth.
(d) even at this very compressed scale, our Milky Way Galaxy would be 160,000 km (100,000 miles) wide.

I assume you guys don't think aliens are present in our solar system. If you believe though that please so some articles on that (not artcles based pure on speculation but rather like something showing the strange artifacts of mars).

So like I said above next solar system is really far away. How are you able to find the energy to travel such a dinstance. Even if you do you would need major spaceships unless you have found a way to travel enormously fast so that you wouldn't have to repopulate your space ship. There is a problem with that theory in my opinion.
If your are traveleing high speed in a car (extreme unnatural high speed) for ten mintues and you stop, you step out of your car you see that on your watch there only passed 9 minutes or somewhat. Meaning that times is altered because of your speed. This is an extremely complicated subject which I admit I don't have all the facts on but let's say these alies in there small spaceships that we see come all the way from other solarsystems or even galaxies then there speed who have to be so big that it would have dramatic effects. You can understand that this would have concequenses to the structure of your body that type of speed and with this speed you would open up another dimension and if you'd like to use this to your advance you have to be extremly advanced.

So that means if these aliens come from the depths of space and can somehow use interdimensinal travel (which mean they are incredibly advanced) then why oh god are they leaving so much clues behind??? Why are there ufo sightnings??? You would kind of like aspect these aliens with there extreme technology beyond our comprehension to remain invisible during their alien abductions rite??? It's seems like some sloppy work to me seriously. As a matter affect I'd like to have a conversation with the king of the aliens and explainging him how to manage a project like observing other species cause he definitly sucks at it.

Also this guy Buzz Aldrin. Those of us who think that the moonlanding was faked doesn't it seem strange that buzz neva went into space that day and his moonlanding was faked all of a sudden on Larry Kind he is talkin about how he saw UFO's??? Thats weird cause I thought buzz was working with the goverment and know he goes talking about ufo's??? Seems to me the government wants him to talk about it.

How about all the other guys appearing on Larry King saying they where part of millitary projects and swore secrecy about what they saw and all of a sudden appear on telivision talkling about government secretcs??? Hasn't the government taking action against these guys for leaking qlassified information???? Is that they way it is go to larry king and you can get away with everything???

And what about that guy of the assesment??? He said that he was just handed that report because they had a boring time and wanted to do something fun????? That doesn't seem to me like the way to manage a top classified alien report know does it????

And Jordan Maxwell, who is a big source of disinformation in my opinion, is also talking about encounters with aliens. I don't buy it for a second.

So again I mean if you show me an aliens or a picture of you show me an abduction in progress or some reall stuff not just pictures with weird objects in the sky. I am willing to believe anything but seems to me like complete disinformation by the government designed to devide the truthseekers and abstract us from the real deal.

Rite now we have just a group of guys seeking for evidence that UFO's are real and the masses of people who just lable them as stupid.
So is there a group that is seeking for evidence that UFO's aren't real and they made up by the government???

Again no disrespect just my instinct tells me this is all bullshit.
First of all, let me get this out of the way.

I don't believe there are Aliens in our solar system. I don't believe Aliens have visited Earth.


Hypothetically, if they WERE superior lifeforms, with a standard of technology far beyond what the human mind could comprehend, and they came to Earth and were spotted, I agree... It's unlikely, because they would've taken that into account before they arrived.

Think about it. They are far superior to us. We are like ants (as far as technology and advancement goes) to them. Now if you wanted to abduct an ant, would you care if a million other ants saw you doing it? Would you care if you left any clues behind?
No. Because you would know, that you could squash their entire colony in mere seconds.

And in regard to your comment on the Government information leaks. I must say this: VERY RARELY does the government let an information leak occur that they themselves DIDN'T instigate.
So you can rest assured knowing that mostly everything you hear about the government, is EXACTLY what they want you to hear.
THEREFORE: government leaking info about superior lifeforms abducting people? What an ingenious form of shock-tactics. Crowd-control. That's what it is.

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