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Originally Posted by Time=Now View Post
Well, I do odd jobs to make ends meet, & I after I found out about what is really happening in the world, I hate the government more than anything, I'm almost V for Vendetta. - I worked for years with a pay-check, & there was 100$ taken out EVERY WEEK to pay taxes, & given that I ride a bike & don't really feel like paying the wages of city workers who do things like attack me for telling them they are idling, people that water the street trees by truck in the city before it's going to rain, ticketers that are idling, cops that idle, that should be getting a ticket for that themselves, etc, I was pissed that I had to give the gov 400$ a month... Now that I know what they are all about, I DEFINITELY would rather die than give them a fucking cent!
ONE should never allow the government to destroy them.

If they do, they have won and you have lost.
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