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Default Re: Buy Gold! If you can get it.

How does one buy gold.

When it is scarce or in times of currency trouble, the value of GOLD increases.

Why does it increase even further when THEY release it so that it is no longer scarce?

Scarce or rare makes it valuable.

Plentiful does not.

So, in other words, they have the GOLD and we buy it from them and we hope the price increases and then sell it before it reaches $3,000.00.

How do we know it will reach $3,000.00 and if we buy GOLD, basically, we're buying it FROM THEM and making them more wealthy.

They can release much of it at all once, devalue it sharply before those who are in possession of it have a chance to sell.

Perhaps this is what they want us to do.

BUY THEIR GOLD thinking we're going to get rich, just the same as investing in their stock market made us think we would get rich.

They robbed us on Wall Street and they'll rob us again.

That's what they are.

Thieves who come in the night.
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