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Default Re: Webmaster Mad As Hell:

Thanks for the compliment.

People will do what they have to do in order to survive even if it involves selling drugs.

The controllers like this.

They use them to peddle CIA/Mafia drugs and infest various ethnic groups with the same. They become addicted, need more of their drugs and the controllers like this, too.

They are addicts and, as far as they're concerned one less person for them to have to be concerned about.

The African American community has been suppressed forever, never mind that slaves were set free.

Many in this ethnic group see selling drugs as a way to the life style that their "heros" live (rappers, etc.), but also these are, many times, the circumstances they are born into and, you are a product of your environment.

They see no way out and aren't afforded with great opportunity to do so either.

How many rappers were thugs and drug dealers before they reached fortune and fame?

This is such a vicious cycle.

You're right.

You get caught with a bit of dope and you're busted. You have a record. You need bail money, court costs, etc.

But, the power/war mongers kill for their own greed, incarcerate children in mind control programs; use them in Mafia/CIA pornography and they continue to walk free.


They've imprisoned so many; killed so many; and yet they walk free.

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