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Default Re: Freemasons and Monotheists Worship Satan

To start out with, Paul does not know Jesus - he doesn't refer to him. Paul speaks of "the risen Christ". For Paul, the Christ is the part of God within each person.

As for "Satan" being the creator of our universe, I don't think so. The first references to a "Satan" are to a servant of God who informs a man that he (the satan) would have killed the man before allowing him to disobey God. In the book of Job he also is clearly a servant of God.

Finally, let's look at creation. Can you think of a way to experience bliss without pain? Can you know love without having hated and been hated? I don't know how the Creator could have created a world in which we could know the highest good, pleasure, love, service without the existence of their opposites.
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