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Default Re: This site needs to go viral: All Need to Know Info!

Originally Posted by Time=Now View Post
Listen; instead of renting a video, use Google video while you still can... - And search for those keywords I mentioned. ( Arizona Wilder )

And the 'Hypothetical:' will be no more...

- It's the same as asking ' I believe that voting will do no good, because the leaders are selected before elected, & they are all bringing on the agenda of the NWO, so what now?

What now, is you are closer to the right direction; you can now think for yourself... And see the big picture. The Reps are the root of the problem, & Alex Jones used to talk about it years ago, but given that it's so hard to believe , even in the conspiracy field without prior looking at the facts, he hold off on that, but I don't give a shit, as people still think Fluoride & Aspartame is good... SOMETHING help US!!!!!!
It was a hypothetical so I'm not headed in the right direction.

Yes, I definitely can think for myself.

I'd love to read what Alex Jones had to say about the REPTILIANS.

Does he believe?
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