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Default Re: So, about the economy ...

I dunno.

I guess because the US is having financial problems, the rest of the world reacts.

The G7 met to discuss the crisis today.

I mean, come on.

France, Germany, The United Kingdom?

Our financial crisis affects these countries?

Maybe they're meeting to make it seem like a world crisis.

What happened to the 700 billion infusion?

Seems they're not pumping it in fast enough.

What about Kramer advising all AMERICANS to get out of the stock market a few days ago on The Today Show if they needed their money within the next five years.

Talk about inducing panic.

This guy has been wrong more often than not, but many people, I'm certain, listened to him.

Could he have added fuel to the fire?

Who the hell gives him the authority to make such a statement?

The average JOE does not heavily invest in the stock market.

Corporations, foreign companies and the wealthy invest heavily in the stock market, to name a few.

The stock market is a way for them to ROB the "little guy" who doesn't have the connections to know when, what, who and where to buy and/or sell.

When was the last time you heard someone say they were retiring on the money they made in the stock market?

The stock market is about as big a fraud as the FED.

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