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Default CODEX -Long arm of medical trusts

The UN and WHO are involved in attempting to kill the vitamin industry. Large pharmaceutical companies in Germany (read up on WWII and Rockefeller) are attempting to lower our standards of health. The attempt is called CODEX. Smaller vitamin companies are being bought up by Big Pharma.

Codex criminalizes vitamins, supplements and herbs
by Helke Ferrie

Codex Alimentarius, a United Nations trade committee, a decade ago began working on “harmonization” of the worldwide sale of supplements. It decided in November 2004 that vitamins, minerals and all other types of medicinally useful supplements, commonly also found in foods, should be traded only as pharmaceuticals. Paradoxically, the committee decided that health claims must not be made for any of them, and in large dosages they must only be available by prescription.

Codex requires that, as of August 1, 2005, all supplements have to be subject to pharmaceutical-type regulation, which requires establishment of toxicity levels and maximum/minimum dosages, before they can be sold. The principal Codex report which provides the “scientific” grounds for this impending wholesale removal of all supplements is in German and not generally available.

Legal action was taken by health freedom groups on European Union constitutional grounds and heard in the International Court in Luxembourg on January 25 this year. The result will be known in June. Because of the interlocking international treaties to which Canada is a signatory, Codex resolutions are binding for Canadians, and the World Trade Organization enforces compliance. Federal bill C-420, which gets second reading in Ottawa March 3, is designed to protect Canadians from Codex."
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